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Sales Manager of International Department

Job Responsibility
1¡¢ Responsible for overseas market development, new customer development and custom relationship maintenance, to expand market share and other strategic objectives.   
2¡¢Responsible to achieve the sales task, report the overseas sales situation timely and data analysis.
3¡¢Control the cost reasonably, and facilitate a remittance timely.
4¡¢Responsible for collecting the overseas market information and intelligence.


Job Requirements:
1¡¢3 years or above working experience in international trade, familiar with overseas sales business process.  
2¡¢Be good at business negotiation, have the ability to travel alone.
3¡¢the ability to develop customer,  collect and analyze the market information, be familiar with the logistics and finance(profit calculation, cost accounting).
4¡¢good image, outgoing personality, flexible and careful.
5¡¢Major in Science and Engineering is preferred, male preferred, the person who has related product sales or chemical industry working experience is preferred.


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