Mn Tablet
ChemicalsMn Tablet / Mn mini Tablet


   75%  /  80%  /  85%


 · Pure Aluminium

 · Non hygroscopic Sodium Free Flux

 · Pure Aluminium + Non hygroscopic Sodium Free Flux



Mini Tablet


90 mm

≤ 42mm

Unit Weight


≤ 220g


> 4.0 g/cm3

> 4.0 g/cm3¡¡


*Low Se grade avallable upon customer request
Other specs (size / weight / packing) are upon customers’ request


Dissolution Performance

The rate of manganese dissolution is molten aluminium for Al-Mn mini-tablet is equal to or better than that of comparable high-manganese content materials.
The left figure shows the manganese recovery rate for 1.25% manganese addition to a 15kg charge of molten aluminium at 732¡æ, the dross removed and Al-Mn mini-tablet added at Zero time. Samples were taken at intervals of 2, 4,6,10 and 25 minutes.
All samples were taken from the middle of the melt. The melt was stirred for 15 seconds immediately before each sampling, except for the 25 minute sample which was stirred for 60 seconds.



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